Techniques for seafarers to reduce stress at sea


Seafarer without proper training in seafarer's institute used to experience psychological and physiological pressure which often leads to health hazards like stress and frustration or lack of interest at work and generally affects the well-being of seafarer leading to mental problems.

Read further to get few ideas on how to manage your stress while working at sea.

Surround yourself with positive people

Hanging out with negative people unknowingly sinks negativity into your mind. And avoiding someone to stay positive is not possible in an environment where co ordination and team effort is necessary. Instead of avoiding negative people, try to avoid negativity which they posses. Take efforts to stay calm and composed while you think negativity is all around you by surrounding yourself with positive happy-go-lucky people.

Throw your ego out in the shore before boarding your vessel. Remember rank doesn't matter to stay alive, safe and secure, team does. Never let anything to destroy strength of best crew management team. Treat everyone equally forgetting about their rank and help everyone out even if it is not your official job. Social interaction without ego is the one of the key to keep your stress away.

Career is not sports

Stop comparing yourself with your colleagues, it doesn't matter who earns (cash/respect) a lot. To stop your mind from thinking ill about you or others, just seek appreciation from your team of Crew for every successful job done and avoid participating in rat's race. It is noticeable that people are bothered, irritated or jealous, sad and unhappy with their sea careers if they compare themselves with other.

Be an active listener

Hearing what other says provide no benefits to anyone so listen to them. Listening to fellow seafarer builds relationship and helps one to perform better and also listeners are highly respected and admired. Apart from gaining work benefits, it will also help to solve conflicts more easily in both professional and personal life.

Before boarding in the vessel, get trained in a well reputed crew manning agency like Interorient to gain practical and theoretical knowledge about personal survival techniques, personal safety and social responsibility, elementary first aid, fire prevention and fire fighting techniques, and proficiency in security awareness to reduce risk for both the crew and self.

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