Role and Responsibilities of Crew Manning Agency and Seafarers

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To sail a ship - you need crew manning agents, to sail a ship safe-then again you need crew manning agents.

Crew manning agents are simply an employment agency for seafarers. Best crew manning agency helps ship owners and managers by providing labour supply of seafarer to perform various deck activities.

Seafarers with variety of profession and ranks carry out different responsibilities which are integral to the successful operation of seafaring vessels. Seafarer must have specific skills and knowledge in their field to deal with sophisticated navigational equipment used on deck operation, propulsion and in ship's engine room.

Role of crew manning agency

Crew manning agency will recruit and offer a great career at sea to officers, engineer and other personnel's. They also make sure that they are equipped with required knowledge/ skill and capable mentally and physically to work at sea.

They also maintain the legal documents and records of seafarer to help out ship owners to filter the perfect candidate for an operation. At some times, crew manning agencies also provide on-shore support to sail a ship safely.

Role of sea farers

A ship's crew can generally be divided into four main categories:

  • The deck department
  • The engineering department
  • The steward's department
  • And other misc dept.

Seafarers are expected to do the role assigned to them. Some of the roles seafarers are expected to do are:

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  • Seafarers should participate in safe working condition of the vessel
  • Should cooperate with ship owner of the prescribed safety and health measures.
  • Should take care of their own safety and of other person whom they are working with
  • Should be particularly diligent during fire, life boats, drill and other emergency training
  • Should be certain that the order given or received in clearly understood
  • Should take necessary decision to maintain welfare of people boarding on the vessel.

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