Opportunities to work on best shipping ports in Philippines


Multinational companies and international companies mostly rely on waterways to transport goods and products. For a long time, shipping by sea is considered to be cost effective, time efficient and safe to transport good from and to other countries. So the demand and need for shipping has eventually made many countries to develop their trading routes all around the world.

Seafarer with great knowledge and skill can get placed in top shipping ports in top countries like Netherland, Philippines, Singapore, China and United Arab Emirates. These countries are considered to have the best access of quality shipping ports. Ports in these countries are equipped with modern technology and instruments, large shipping yard, high quality facilities and large shipping warehouse.

Many other countries are also taking advantage of shores by developing their shipping ports for both business and industrial purposes. Eventually it shows that these shipping ports in countries are in need of seafarer always which is the good news for many fresher seeking jobs on sea.

Join with us now

Apart from seeing it as a job opportunity, many thrill seeking and adventurous people consider it as a dream job to work on sea. Anyway the good news for people is sea full of opportunity is waiting for every dreamer. Ping or email us your resume and join hands with us to work on board with many experienced and talented fellow workers now.

What we do in Interorient marine company.

Manila manning agency in Philippines offers its service by providing crewing and manning service to many vessels. Till now about 4500 seamen are serving over 200 vessels on board. We also offer training to become seafarer and every other skill that they need to work on board. And also we are helping them to furnish their important document like passport, visa, medical certificate, seafarer’s identity certificate etc.

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