Few good qualities of Seafarers to Perform the Best


"Seafarers are nothing but normal human being who works round the clock to provide better livelihood to their family in this society" statement would have been true if seafarer hasn't sacrificed much. But the truth is apart from earning, seafarers are trained hard in seafarers training institute and choose to work on sea because of their passion and dream, not to forget about their persistent and determination.

If you haven't thought about what qualities does seafarer must have to sustain in a rough environment, this article is for you.

Team work of Seafarers in On-Board Voyage

Seafarer won’t risk the safety of the vessel and self just because of the conflict that they had with their colleagues. Team work is the only thing that binds safety of everything in the vessel together. If we were to learn something more important from seafarers, it is definitely their ability and mentality to work as team in spite of politics which would tear them apart.


Every seafarers aim is to give their family a better life and in fact they are giving and they will. But do they get to enjoy their time with them? Yes but little, they have sacrificed a lot, caring family, lovable friends, luxurious house, tireless life, peaceful sleep and what not. Above all what makes them to run is the satisfaction they get when they feel about doing something that they are good at and which they love. Undoubtedly every human in this world should learn what, how and when to sacrifice something.

Being eco friendly

While living in the confined environment seafarers must know how to keep their vessel clean and green due to strict restrictions and regulation for environment protection. Seafarers even after leaving the sea proceeds cautiously to dispose waste in order to keep their environment clean which is we should learn earliest.


Almost every seafarer would have experienced to work with 3 or more nationalities at a time, people from all walks of life, living and culture would worked or trained together. Overcoming cultural and language barrier and living in a confined environment with little to no room and inadequate food are common to every seafarer working on sea and this made them more adaptable to any situation. The crewing Agency will best Train the Seaman to perform the best during their voyage and off-shore.

Not many qualities are in born, that's true that they learned many valuable thing in seafarer's training but still it is not too hard for us to learn something good without any training, so let's all appreciate hardworking seafarers and take them as role model to induce those good qualities in our life.

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