Crewing agency for safe and profitable operation of vessels


For a ship to sail safe, it is important to choose right crew member before boarding into vessel. Principal of the vessel is supposed to analyse minimum crew requirement and appropriate crew requirement, risk factor, time duration of the voyage, expected traffic, weather, sea and visibility condition, qualification and experience level of the crew and spare support availability of the vessel.

Recruitment process

Recruiting suitable crew members to board the vessel is pretty hard for owner of the vessel. Most principal of the vessel tend to hire the people who they have worked with previously. In that case, crew recruiting task becomes hectic and time consuming as principal have to talk with each candidate separately. Often it is quite tough to find available crew members and the risk of not being available increases lag in the operation of vessel. To Avoid and to manage all such Tough Situtaion it is essential for a seafarer to get trained in cities best crew training Institute

Online site opportunity

Though online recruiting agencies support principal to find 1000’s of employees at a time, relying on online site for recruiting suitable fit for the job is not easy either. Resume and CV will eventually floods in their mail box once the ad is published, interviewing 1000’s of candidate and analysing their profile and filtering them down is not a good idea for hiring someone at lost moment before boarding the vessel.

How Interorient DMCC Company can help you

Before concluding anything remember to keep in mind that Interorient maritime DMCC company is engaged in business to provide full support for principals operating various vessels in different industry. Our goal is to provide job opportunity and successful career for seafarer and to provide crew recruitment in Philippines for safe, reliable and profitable operation of the vessel.

Considering safe and profitable shipping course our crew offers service that includes seafarers training, financial maintenance, managing crew while signing on/off, crew scheduling, management reporting, local agency representation for management crew, managing seafarer’s documentation, offshore pay roll, crew travel arrangements and more. Apart from legal arrangements and technical aspects, crew members should posses qualities like good communication skill, leadership skill, critical thinking, decision making and coordination skills which facilitates better operation on sea.

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