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BIMCO (the Baltic & International Maritime Council)/ICS manpower report indicates, according to the current supply and demand, there are a shortage of 16,500 officers and an oversupply of 119,000 ratings.

How bad it is for maritime industry

Without continuing the efforts to recruit and train more seafarers, a shortage in supply of officers would emerge and could significantly result in downfall of maritime industries, ship owners and ship managers. It could also cause freight rates to plunge and lead to a rationalization of shipping capacity worldwide.

How good it is for maritime career seekers

As the shortage of officers in increased, the competition will be fierce for trained, experienced and competent workers. Moreover, maritime companies will fall over themselves to attract potential applicant to fill the vital role to run a ship efficiently.

The lack of available trained staff in maritime industry also caused retired officers who pursued onshore job to come back to work at sea in order to fill the gap of demands.

What can be done to become a seafarer?

Fresher can be benefited from the growing demands of officers and engineers. Due to the shortage of officer to work on-board, candidates with rounded skill set in the field and proven level of knowledge and competency could get placed on-board sooner than ever while reaping the benefits of attractive salary package, rapid progression in career, quick promotion and impressive incentives.

Demand in maritime industry is only beneficial to candidates with great knowledge in the field and skills to work onboard. So it is the right to invest in training to get placed straight into the chosen role.

Interorient DMCC Crew Manning Agency in Philippines

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