Our Crew Management Services Enable Success to Giant Leaps

Our Crew Management Company provides Crewing Services on the Traditional Crewing Pattern or on Full or on Partial Crew Management basis.

"InterOrient Maritime DMCC", continues a long established and successful course in providing to the world shipping industry "independent", and duly certified Crew Manning and Crew Management Service in full compliance with International Maritime Regulation.

The founders of the company are experienced personalities in the shipping services sector. Their background and many years of experience in this filed is a warranty for high standard services.

In the tough times of shipping, the ship owner/operator, needs to have the support of an "independent" and reliable Crewing Manager, who is proven capable to provide a strong hand and support, not only in routine matters but also to have large credibility for support on financial matters as well.

Interorient Maritime DMCC is continuously developing the means and services provided by our Crewing Manning Agencies INTERORIENT MARITIME PHILIPPINES and INTERORIENT MARITIME ROMANIA, to cover the present and future needs of the shipping industry also duly certified by Quality Management System for I.S.O 9001-2015


Due to the continuously increasing scope and size of liabilities that are being placed upon shipowners, the role of the Manning Agency is becoming far more crucial. Search check and chooser the Right Manning Agency in order you enjoy smooth sailing and peace of mind.

Once the Owner/Manager has made-up his decision to employ Filipino seamen aboard his ship, the next most vital and crucial decision is to which Manning Agency to utilize.

Here below, we append the main issues to be addressed in appointing a Manning Agency in the Philippines and the respective comments opposite each issue concerning INTERORIENT Maritime.

1. How many years is the Manning agency established? 1. Since 1985
2. What is the Capacity of the M/A in Providing officers and ratings? 2. It Operates more than (230) vessels (B/C, Tankers, Containers, LPG est.) and currently at least (5,100) seamen serve on board, while a pool of another (4,600) seamen it standing by.
3. What is the status of the M/A in the Philippines Manning Industry? 3. It has been awarded for all the Past consecutive years and was honored by the Philippines Government with the highest award (Presidential Award of Excellence) in terms of quality, dedication and efficient management of its Principals and Seamen.
4. What is the set-up and internal organization of the M/A? 4. We have (1) Fleet Manager, (5) Crewing Officers, (1) General Operations Manager, (1) Operations Manager (1) Training and Promotions Manager who are efficiently run the selection and Mobilization of the seamen in full coordination with the Owners. Besides the Management and Operational level staff, we have another (85) employees dealing with all other matters in the support level.
5. What happens in case there is an urgent case to have crew to fly soonest possible due to unforeseen situations? 5. No problem, Interorient has been authorized and trusted by the Philippine Government to operate an In-House Processing System, which give us the flexibility to employ and process seamen directly and not to wait for their processing through POEA during the regular working hours. This Privilege of In-House Processing has been granted to only very few M/As in the Philippines.
6. What is the rate of recycled seamen with the M/A? 6. More than 85% of ex crew.
7. Did the M/A ever suffer any kind of Government's sanctions for illegal activities or violations of the POEA Rules, i.e., suspension of license, penalizations etc? 7. Never! On the contrary it has been awarded for exemplary performance, diligence and commitment towards its Principals and Seamen.
8. Is the M/A Compliance with the STCW 2010 Regulations? Is the M/A ISO/MLC, 2006 certified? 8. Yes. The STCW 2010 Convention has been fully observed since, 01.1.17 and all crew certificates are in accordance with the Convention.The Company was also Certified to ISO 9001-2015
9. Does the M/A operates any In-House Training Center for Refreshing crew Knowledge on STCW Courses? 9. NO, STCW Courses and it's refresher and/or updating is outsourced from other reputable and globally Competitive training centers.

However, Interorient is catering an In-House Training tailored fit to the needs of our principals and their fleet.

The In-House Training Programme is aimed to further enhance the knowledge and skills of our seafarers and develop their personality and attitude.

List of Trainings:

  • Prevention of Illegal Discharge at Sea
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Marlins Test/CES 5.2.3
  • Port State Control
  • Vessel's General Permit(VGP)
  • Ballast Water Management
  • Maritime Leadership and Behavior Development
  • Anti-Piracy

Above In-House Trainings are conducted by certified by certified Trainers.

10. Does your Manning Agent facilitate on-line interview for seafarer candidate? 10. It is the prerogative of the principal/ship manager, before allowing anyone to serve on its ship, especially Master and Chief Engineer, to interview them via Skype or in person, in order to know them in person and to assess their capabilities, knowledge and experience regarding the job they are applying for and the type of ship in which they will be working and to ensure all the needful are coordinate for ship's safe and efficient operation.

Having the SKYPE INTERVIEW, Interorient has allotted at least (5) terminals with latest available technology/auxiliaries as follows:

  • INTEL CORE i7-6500 Processor
  • Windows 10 operating system
  • Logitech, HD10 80P Camera

We Secure a separate DSL Line to ensure we can Provide uninterrupted online video sessions/interviews.

Skype Interview is arranged by the Crewing Section.

Interorient Skype Interview streamline processes, save money and time, enhance decision making and engage the right candidates.

11. What Support the M/A may offer to Owner in case of an urgent problem on board or an emergency? 11. Full Support! At any time and by arrangement, the Crewing Manager may fly from Manila to any destination (depending on visa requirements) in order to board the vessel and have the problem resolved, though at most cases problems are resolved by mere telephone contacts.
12. How the officers and crew can be oriented on Owners ISM Policies and Manuals? 12. Provided Owners have supplied Interorient with their ISM Manuals and forms, Our Company have designated a full time Trainers to Carry out full familiarization/orientation on departing crew and they are fully explained and guided on the ISM regulations and company's policies.

The Officers and crew are also given the opportunity to read the Company Manuals of respective principals.

13. What else can be expected from an M/A? 13. Loyalty, reliability, Honesty undisputable support and excellent cooperation. Interorient is proved to have achieved all these above and is committed to maintain same at optimum level.

Interorient's 24*7 platform provides business continuity and processing support and ensures that at any time our principals, vessels and seafarers are provided with the necessary assistance.

We provide an up to date contact information's of the officers and staff of the company to our principal/s and seamen whom they can contact/coordinate with 24*7.

Interorient has dedicated staff checking the authenticity, completeness suitability and validity of crew certificates and trainings at all time, ensuring compliance to STCW 2010 Convention and ZERO Ship detention.

14. Does the M/A comply with the Labor Laws Compliance System? 14. Yes. It has been awarded by DOLE with the Compliance of Certificate on General Labor Standards and Occupational Safety and Health Standards.
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