“InterOrient Maritime DMCC”,continues a long established and successful course in providing to the world shipping industry “independent”, and duly certified Crew Manning and Crew Management Services in full compliance with International Maritime regulations.

The founders of the company are experienced personalities in the shipping services sector. Their background and many years of experience in this field is a warranty for high standard services.

In the tough times of shipping, the ship owner/operator, needs to have the support of an “independent” and reliable Crewing Manager, who is provenly capable to provide a strong hand and support, not only in routine matters but also to have large credibility for support on financial matters as well.

Interorient Maritime DMCC is continuously developing the means and services required to cover the present and future needs of the shipping industry.


Due to the continuously increasing scope and size of liabilities that are being placed upon the Ship Owners/ Ship Operators, the role of the Crewing Manager and respectively of the Manning Agency is becoming more crucial.

Once the Ship Owners/ Ship Operators have chosen what Crew nationality they will employ to their ships, the next most vital and crucial decision is to which Crew Manager and or Manning Agency will assign that important and critical role of manning their ships.

Here below, are lists of frequently asked questions prior deciding to appoint a Crew Manager and or Manning Agent.

1. How many years the Crew Manager and/or the Manning Agent are active in the industry? 1. Interorient Maritime and its founders are active in shipping services since 1985
2. What is the capacity of the Crew Manager and/or Manning Agent in providing officers and ratings? 2. Interorient Maritime provides services to more than (200) vessels (B/C, Tankers, Containers, LPG est.) and currently about 4,500 seamen serve on board ships, while a pool of another 4,000seamen are on standby for change over.

• That volume of ships and seamen is allowing Interorient Maritime to generate in its pool, new officers through the employment of apprentices on the ships under its service.

• For the licensed officers employed in any ranks, it is applied a systematic follow up of their training on board and either are promoted to higher rank whilst serving onboard or upon completion of their vacation are employed on the next ship in the pool, at the higher rank.

• It is that capability coupled with the systematic work that allows the continuous increase of the available and experienced officers in all ranks to cover the ever present and increasing needs of the Ship Owners/ Ships Operators.

3. Does the Manning Agents comply with the Labor Laws Compliance System? 3. Interorient Maritime Philippines has been awarded by DOLE with the Compliance of Certificate on General Labor Standards and Occupational Safety and Health Standards.
4. What is the support of the Crew Manager and/or of the Manning Agent to the Ship Owner in case of an urgent problem on board at any port of the world? 4. Full Support is provided. By arrangement, one of the Crewing Managers can fly to any destination (depending on visa requirements) in order to board the vessel and have any crew problem resolved on the spot.
1. What is the status of the Manning Agent in the Philippines to support that choice? 1. Interorient Maritime stands among the top ten in the manning agency service since 1985, and since 1989 is awarded continuously for its services and has been honored by the Philippine Government with the highest award (Presidential Award of Excellence) in terms of quality, dedication and efficient management of its Principals and of its Seamen.
2. Has the Manning Agent in the Philippines has the required personnel and organization to cope with all Principal's requirements? 2. Interorient Maritime Philippines maintains at management level, (2) Crewing Managers, (1) General Operations Manager, (1) Operations Manager (1), Training and Promotions Manager, who are performing the selection, preparation and dispatch of the seamen in full co-ordination with the overseas principal's offices.

Besides the Managers in the Management and Operations level, Interorient Maritime Philippines has about 50 employees dealing with all other matters at the Support level.

3. What is the percentage of the seamen recycled within the pool of ships served by Interorient Maritime? 3. Interorient Maritime has achieved as high as 95% recycling in Officers and about 85% in ratings with priority of reemployment is always in the ships of the same principals.
4. Is the Manning Agent in the Philippines complying with the STCW '95 Regulations? The STCW '95 Convention has been fully observed since, 1997 and all crew certificates are in accordance with the Convention.
5. Is the Manning Agents in the Philippines ISO/MLC, 2006 certified? 5. Interorient Maritime Philippines is also Certified to ISO 9001-2008 and MLC,2006.
6. Does the Manning Agent in the Philippines operate In-House Training Center for refreshing crew knowledge of seamen on SOLAS courses and or/in any other request of Principals prior departure? 6. Interorient Maritime assists and guides our Principals on all issues in connection with the requirements of the SOLAS/STCW '95 as imposed by the IMO.

A complete series of training courses (mandatory and non-mandatory) are provided by the affiliate company, The BRITANNIA TRAINING CENTER INC PHILIPPINES,

Furthermore, Interorient Maritime Philippines has established in their premises, a professional In-House Training System in which all the seamen recruited undergo prior employment a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar and familiarization training on Anti-Piracy. All trainings are conducted by certified Trainers.

7. How the officers and crew can be oriented and familiarized on the Ship Owners' ISM Policies and other Manuals /or Standing Instructions and respective maritime regulations? 7. Provided that the Ships Owners Crew Department have supplied Interorient with their Manuals (ISM etc.) and the respective forms, Interorient Maritime designates a full time In House Trainor to carry out the complete familiarization and orientation seminar on the crew prior departing to a principal vessel.
8. Is Interorient Maritime disposing the means and the set –up for direct and online interviewing by the principal of the candidate seaman, officer or rating, before signing of contract? 8. It is the prerogative of the principal/ship manager, before allowing anyone to serve on its ship, especially Master and Chief Engineer, to interview them via Skype or in person, in order to know them in person and to assess their capabilities, knowledge and experience regarding the job they are applying for and the type of ship in which they will be working and to ensure all the needful are coordinated for ship's safe and efficient operation.

Skype Interview is arranged by the Crewing.

Section either at Inorm premises.

• INORM has allotted at least (5) terminals with latest available technology as follows;

• State the latest hardware specification; INTEL CORE i7-6500 Processor

• Sate the latest Operating System; Windows 10 operating system

• State latest aux devices camera, headset; Logitech, HD10 80p Camera

We secure a separate DSL Line to ensure we can provide uninterrupted online video sessions/interviews.

Our Skype Interview streamline processes, save money and time, enhance decision making and engage the right candidates.




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