4 things crew manning agency expects from seafarer before signing off


It is about time, seafarers to finally feel the sand tickling their feet after long time. No one except seafarers can imagine how joyous it is to finally see their friends and families back again. However, in the process of signing off, sometimes seafarers pay no attention to check their essential things.

To wholly enjoy the signing off process, one must not forget those things listed below.

Passport and CDC

You can't risk your happiness just because of damaged passport and other documents. Make sure that you receive your passport and CDC back without any physical damage to avoid complications at the airport and foreign land. The Crew Manning Agency will look for these two important documents, it is nearly impossible to have any personal or professional work as seafarer.

Cash and other documents

Don't forget to ensure that every transaction is clear and pay dues are received timely along with payslip before signing off. Needless to say, after all the hard work you done, it is the least you want. So make sure any balance which is due is counted and received before signing off.

Keep all important documents safe and handy in baggage, in case if any authority asks for a document for verification. Also ensure that you have enough photo copies of original document to avoid risk of losing original document. If you happen to lose any of your original document, contact your seafarer training institute and seek their help to get new documents.

Handing over your cabin

It was your home since the day one of your voyage but now it is not, before handing your cabin over to your on signer of you make sure the cabin is in good condition. Also double check your cabin thoroughly to avoid leaving out your belongings on the vessel.

Submitting reports

To maintain smooth transition and to avoid needless confusion, it is expected that seafarers must submit essential detailed reports to on signer before signing off. Take your own time to clear doubts of on signer regarding his role and duty on the vessel and make sure the responsibilities and duty assigned to him can be done at ease.

Every seafarer who worked on the vessel for several months deserves to enjoy their time peacefully. So rejoice every moment you have with your friends and family and enjoy by spending up your hard earned money in things you like and with the people you love.

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