4 Reasons why seafarer quits their sea job


In-spite of receiving lucrative offers in sea jobs, most of the seafarers still quits their sea job to work on-shore. Even though every year maritime industry increasingly provides job opportunities to many sea farers all around the world, it is an obvious fact that the sea farer finds on-board work to be tough and hectic. Why is that so? Why adventurous and dream job with high salary is facing this issue ?

These are the basic reason for a seafarer to quit their job after working few years on-board.

Hectic work environment

Sailing on the ship is not an easy task, seafarer will experience harsh environment which makes seafarers both physically and emotionally weak. Sometimes seafarer will have to overwork on a vessel with insufficient crew members, apparently heavy work load is their one of the most important thing for them to quit their job as seafarer.


Working throughout several months or even year without seeing their family and loved one affects them emotionally. When they are confined within a small group, they tend to feel the negative effects of frustration, loneliness and sadness. It needs strong will power, courage and mental steadiness to tackle the negative effect of homesickness. So many seafarers resign their job just to recover from homesickness.

Job opportunities on-shore

Opportunities are all out there on-shore. Stable life with low risk and good social life is what drives most of the seafarer to resign their job. If seafarer happens to see the luxury of working normal life without any adventure and risk, they are ready to settle for even low income.

Health Issues

As we all know, working on-sea is not trouble-free, sea farers has to face many issues on-board and one among them is maintaining their health. Due to inaccessibility to fresh food, unfavourable work environment, work stress, inadequate medical facilities and sleep deprivation affects seafarers’ health drastically. As a result they are pushed to quit their job even if they wanted to continue it.

To overcome major issue in Seafarers Job, all you need is sufficient training from a reputed Maritime training Institute.

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