3 Main Reasons Why Seafarers Pursuing a Maritime Job


Working in a confined environment for several days and month with inadequate food is not piece of cake for everyone, but still many people choose to work at sea. Why would anyone consider working in maritime industry in spite of the risk they would face ?

There are many benefits for seafarers to choose maritime industry.


Seafarers and other maritime employees get paid lucratively, mainly because of the time they spent doing their job. They have to leave their friends, families and relatives for many months and have to overcome homesickness. Sometimes journey from one port to another port may even take 3 - 6 months. Thence, they are paid extra as a compensation for holidays, overtime and night duties as well.

Secondly, they get highly paid because of the skills they posses to work in a dangerous and harsh environment. As the rank goes higher, salary increases and experienced chief officials are paid even better than others.

People who don’t hold relevant degree also get trained individually in seafarer training institute and get placed in jobs because of high demands and well paid salary.


It is hard to deny that working at sea is adventurous. People who seek adventure generally choose to work at sea because of its adventurous nature. Habitual experience of the seafarers is to undergo several difficult situations which are both tiresome and adventurous.

Advantages of adventure seeking seafarers working in the maritime industry are they will be in an adventure trip and also get paid for it.


Besides the adventurous journey, seafarer also gets to explore different part of the world and their culture. People who willing to be a part of different culture, embrace their maritime job extremely. Maritime industry is giving seafarers the opportunity to encounter many cultures while travelling to different ports in different continents.

Working at sea has its own highlights and challenges, the one who is willing to overcome the challenge will shine in the industry.

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